Pakistani musicians get too caught up in what the audience want to hear, says Zoe Viccaji

On the off chance that you’ve been missing Zoe Viccaji performing around town, that is on account of the ‘Ho Jao Azad’ artist is personal getting a bit of personal time in the US.

In any case, this is no standard get-away.

Zoe is as of now selected in a craftsman residency program at the House of Songs in Austin, Texas. Amid the residency, she is teaming up with lyricists from around the globe to compose new music.

“I’m here to build up my songwriting abilities some more and work with different artists,” Zoe tells Images. “I’m going to a workshop for 12 days and will soon proceed onward to Arkansas [where House of Songs’ other part is located]. I will do two or three shows there as well.”

Zoe’s been getting a charge out of the experience so far in light of the fact that it’s enabled her to concentrate on her signature as a musician.

“In Pakistan, we get so got up to speed in what the gathering of people needs to listen as opposed to our own imaginative procedure. This is where you can simply make,” she says, including that she’s working with House of Songs author Troy Campbell to convey more musicians from Pakistan to the program.

There’s additional on Zoe’s US motivation. She will in the long run be joined by her sister Rachel Viccaji, with whom she will go on a joint visit soon.

How’s that for an exciting October!