Apple makes yet another move against Qualcomm

It turns out that Apple is going all out against chipmaking company Qualcomm, in a fresh move Apple has broadened its attack on Qualcomm by telling a USA federal court that the licenses which Qualcomm holds to earn sum over each sale of iPhone are invalid.

Tech company Apple filed the first legal case against Chipmaker five months back, claiming that chipmaker without any legal irregularity withheld $1 billion in rebates. Apple claims that Qualcomm has done this act because Apple helped regulators probe Qualcomm.

If the current filing by Apple in federal court becomes successful then it would damage and undermine Qualcomm’s business model.

According to Reuters, “Apple took aim at Qualcomm’s practice of requiring customers to sign patent license agreements before purchasing chips, known in the industry as “no license, no chips.”

Apple is also arguing in the court that the chipmaking company can only charge for either patent license or chip, the company cannot charge Apple for both at the same time. Moreover, Apple also stated in the filing that this legal spat is between Apple and Qualcomm so the honorable court should dismiss the case which Qualcomm has built against Apple’s iPhone assemblers.

The legal battle between Qualcomm and Apple intensified when the chipmaking company went to International Trade Commission (ITC) to get a ban on Apple products from entering the premises of US; after this notorious action by Qualcomm Apple as of now is dealing with the chipmaker with iron hands.

Similarly, tech giant Apple and mobile manufacturing company Nokia were having a dispute over patent issue, however, both the companies have reconciled by signing new agreements in the process.